Whose Attention is Deficit?

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Have you noticed the most recent increases of Allergies, Asthma, ADD, ADHD? over the past 30+ years? I sure have. Let me ask you this, “How many kids had these disorders when you were a child in school? And how many do your notice are in your child’s school room? I’ll bet you’ll notice a very large percentage increase. When I looked into statistics, there were … [Read more...]

The Asthma Epidemic

The Asthma Epidemic  Incidence of asthma has rocketed wildly upward over the past 25 years in tandem with the other new childhood epidemics of autism, ADHD and allergies.  ( I like to refer to them as the 4-A’s)  The combined increase of these four disorders is not a coincidence.  What I notice is that the same  forces, like exposure to toxins, poor diet, inability … [Read more...]