Is Your Dishwashing Detergent Safe?

Is Your Dishwashing Detergent SAFE?  According to Hans Nieper, M.D., “Dishwashing detergents contain large polymeric compounds that are not completely removed from the dishes by rinsing with water.  The liver CANNOT metabolize these large molecules sufficiently, and their accumulation leads to a buildup of fat.  This fat build up in the liver is strongly associated  … [Read more...]

Are you Part of the Solution or the Pollution in Lawn Care?

An  Eco-logical  report from Deb Villarese Are you part of the solution or part of the pollution? This is the time we all start thinking of lawn care contracts. Please stop and consider your choices.  The Truth about Phosphorus, Lawn Care, and Our Stillwater Ponds Have you driven through the neighborhood during the hot days of summer and notice all that … [Read more...]

What is your “chemical body burden”?

When we think of the environment, we naturally think of the outdoors, things like;  nature, lakes, ponds, steams, air, ozone and sometimes even ragweed.  The word environment is a big word and it somehow usually makes us think of big spaces.   Yet, today’s commentary is going to revolve around a much smaller environment.  The environment which we each live in … [Read more...]

The Bleach made me write that way?  This is the link to view the difference My neighbor had a daycare in her home.   Her son was in first grade and had been diagnosed with dyslexia, as well as sensory issues and perhaps even some ADD.   Each day, after the children left, she would “dis-infect” her home using a sundry of different products like bleach and pine scented … [Read more...]

Closed minded people may never find the answers they are looking for.

A True Story…… Finding the cause offers a solution for life changing results.   Isn’t it funny how friends can be so opinionated, and so closed-minded to others' thoughts and ideas?  I’ve always felt that if someone had a concept which could help me, and it made sense, that it would benefit me to take a look at least.  I have learned that there are … [Read more...]

The most Dangerous Product in your home is under the kitchen sink.

baby with toxic bottles

  One of the most dangerous household products is found under your kitchen sink or at least near the kitchen sink.  I am referring to the Dish Washer powders and liquids whose contents  were suppose to be pulled off the market back in the 70's, but interestingly enough, they never did.  We got the phosphates out of the clothes washing powders and liquids, … [Read more...]

What if determining the “cause” was your solution to asthma?

Were you aware that many “green” or “socially responsible” claims made on product labels are meaningless or deceptive, even when accompanied by a certification seal.    Don’t get me wrong, there is a Green Seal Certification process, but it is expensive to obtain, and with the word “green” having no definition when it comes to safety, sustainability, or … [Read more...]

Whose Attention is Deficit?

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Have you noticed the most recent increases of Allergies, Asthma, ADD, ADHD? over the past 30+ years? I sure have. Let me ask you this, “How many kids had these disorders when you were a child in school? And how many do your notice are in your child’s school room? I’ll bet you’ll notice a very large percentage increase. When I looked into statistics, there were … [Read more...]

The Asthma Epidemic

The Asthma Epidemic  Incidence of asthma has rocketed wildly upward over the past 25 years in tandem with the other new childhood epidemics of autism, ADHD and allergies.  ( I like to refer to them as the 4-A’s)  The combined increase of these four disorders is not a coincidence.  What I notice is that the same  forces, like exposure to toxins, poor diet, inability … [Read more...]

A Picture can be worth a thousand words

I can write, but perhaps this video will make more of an impact on our world reality It's 2.5 minutes and it is titled    TOXIC WORLD   BE PART OF THE SOLUTION AND NOT PART OF THE POLLUTION Sometimes Brief get more attention.     … [Read more...]